Sunday, August 21, 2011

What Goes with Digit Decor?

I've run across Polyvore once or twice before, but I read about it again on Power Femme, and decided to give it a try. Like Krystal of Power Femme, I'm not sure I get the point of it, but it's fun looking at all the pretty pictures. I spent more time than is really reasonable putting this together.

Digit Decor Fall Wishes

For this collection, I just picked out things that appeal to me. A few of them I already own, a couple I'll probably never get, some I hope to pick up sometime, and a picture of Adele, who I'm loving a lot right now.

On a more serious note, I make an effort to support brands and retailers that carry plus sizes and avoid those that don't. I just don't like spending my money with vendors that don't acknowledge me as part of their customer base, even if it's only for accessories. All of the brands and sellers included in this collection meet my basic criteria of carrying at least portions of their clothing lines in plus sizes. That's another reason I love nail polish - one size truly fits all!


  1. Thanks for linking back to me1 I really like your board- Adele is phenomenal, and I like the pops of orange here.

  2. Those are some wicked cool pants. :-)

    Ha! Just noticed the Tardis mug. I wonder if the square shape would make it hard to drink from without dribbling.

    Pat found a Dalek alarm clock somewhere, and I think I need to order it. It wakes you up with "Exterminate! Exterminate!"

  3. Ha! Exterminate is exactly how I feel about my alarm clock. I actually already have the Tardis mug, but after I got it, I noticed that it said the dishwasher might wash the details off, so I haven't been using it.

  4. You could use your Tardis mug on your desk at work to hold pens and pencils. And your sonic screwdriver, of course.