Monday, September 5, 2011

Scherer Chamelon Blue Sky

I hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day. I seem to be having a relapse of my cold, but at least I can stay at home and rest up. The pictures I have to show you in today's post were taken earlier in the week when I was not feeling well, so I just put on a single polish with nothing fancy on top.

This is Scherer Chameleon Blue Sky, a metallic duochrome that shifts from lavender through blue to a jade green. The predominant color that shows up in sunlight and average indoor light is the bluish purple shown above. It does have a more intensely purple side, but I didn't manage to capture that in any photos. Below is a picture that shows it shifting a little more blue with hints of green.

Finally, in certain conditions (this picture was taken in my car, for example) it shows up bright green.

While the color on this was great, the formula was a bit of a nightmare. The best word I can think of for the texture is stiff. It wasn't exactly thick, it just didn't flow well. Initially, it seemed to be opaque in two coats, but in natural light, I could see all sorts of bare patches. You can see several in the second photo above. Finally, it didn't wear very well; it was all chipped up after about two days. These photos were taken less than 24 hours after application, and you can already see a few chips.

Between taking the pictures and writing this post I saw pictures of Nubar Indigo Illusion by Lauren of Dizzy Nails. While Indigo Illusion appears to have some warm undertones that aren't present in Blue Sky, the predominant purple and green shades look pretty similar. Indigo Illusion may be a better, albeit more expensive, substitute.

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