Friday, May 6, 2011

Polish Milestone

This week, I reached a polish milestone: 100 polishes in my stash. Lucky number 100 was this unnamed Hot Topic grass green polish, which was a gift from one of the circle of lovely ladies who gather from time to time for Nail Night. As Nail Night is where my interest in polish started, this is highly appropriate, and I like that the milestone was reached with a gift. So, thanks to Ms. A for bringing my stash up to a big, round number.

Of course, having reached such a milestone, the logical thing to do was to pick up a few more. I've been looking forward to the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean collection for a while, and they've hit Athens this week. For some reason the Georgia Square Mall Trade Secret did NOT get them in, but the Regis salon, almost right across the mall from Trade Secret, DOES have them, so I snapped up a couple. The first thing on my shopping list was Silver Shatter. I also wanted Mermaid's Tears, and interesting greyed green, which seems to be one a lot of people are eagerly awaiting. I expected to want Plank You Very Much, since I love purple, but in person it was pretty similar to some other shades I have. I ended up with Steady As She Rose, a very light and also sort of grey-ish pink, as it was the color that was the most different from anything I already have (well, except for the one that totally didn't appeal to me, i.e. Skull and Glossbones).

And with that, I intend to stop adding to the stash for a while, as there isn't anything (that I know of) coming out that I have to have. So, now I just need to get busy and do some cool mani's with my new-and-improved  100+ stash.

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  1. Wow! That's a lot of fingers to paint.

    Bring on the toes!