Thursday, May 5, 2011

Princess Sparkle Pony Manicure

I noticed that my last few manicures have had a definite blue/grey theme. So, when an impromptu nail night was convened, I decided I wanted to do something totally different. I imagine that if a Barbie Princess were riding a My Little Pony Pegasus, this is what her nails would look like.

I looked for a REALLY bright polish to use as a base and reached for China Glaze Shocking Pink. I really like the color of this polish, which is best described by the name. It is a very bright pink that almost seems to gather up the light in a room, it's so bright. This is my first experience with a neon polish, and I had the main problem they're known for. I put on two medium thickness coats, and it was still quite streaky. I think that a third thin coat would have evened it out, but I decided to add glitter on top instead.

Our nail night host had a bottle of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Disco Ball in her collection, so I added two coats of that on top of Shocking Pink. It didn't photograph well but this is a clear base with lots of very small, very iridescent glitter. The glitter is a nice balance of several colors, so it doesn't end up looking predominately one color like some similar polishes I've tried. The polish applied a little gooey, but that made it an ideal base to add the stars to my accent nail. The stars are party confetti re-purposed for nail decoration.

I finished off with two coats of Out the Door quick dry top coat to even out the texture of the glitter. The final product is very sparkly and eye catching. We've had lovely weather with plenty of sun the last couple of days, and these nails are perfect for it.

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  1. I totally had a Pegasus My Little Pony. Ok, the word isn't 'had.' I still have it in the toy box at my mother's.


    Loving the "Out the Door." My mom would love it.