Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Very Stylish Girl Manicure

I absolutely LOVE Audrey Hepburn in general and Breakfast at Tiffany's in particular. So, even if China Glaze For Audrey wasn't a great color, I would have been tempted to pick it up. Fortunately for me, it is a great color. It's is a glossy, smooth creme that is clearly meant to be similar to "Tiffany Blue." I don't think it's an exact match as I'm given to understand that exact color is trademarked, but it's close enough. For Audrey is similar to OPI Mermaid's Tears (see my review of it here or link to any of my previous reviews on my Stash page), but it's brighter and bluer. It's sort of Mermaid's Tears perkier cousin. The formula of this polish was also nice, it was smooth, opaque, and flawless in two coats.

To continue with the Breakfast at Tiffany's theme, I wanted a 60's style pattern to stamp on top. I used this all over pattern from one of the older Bundle Monster plates. It reminds me of patterns I've seen on everything from textiles to bricks from the 60's. I stamped it over For Audrey using KleanColor Black. I've been wearing my nails a little longer lately, and it made it hard to get the pattern to cover the whole nail. You can clearly see a little line of bare polish at the bottom of each nail. I love the final product, if I do say so myself. I also got a lot of comments on it, so I guess I'm not the only one.

The new Bundle Monster plates are bigger than the old ones or even Konads, so they should work a little better in terms of covering a whole long nail. Sammy of Nailasaurus has done a nice review and comparison down to the millimeter. So, that's one more incentive to pick up the new plates eventually.

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