Sunday, May 8, 2011

Purple Prism Mani

For my last manicure, I tried my first neon polish, China Glaze Shocking Pink, and had some trouble with it being thin and streaky. I only have one other neon polish in my stash, China Glaze Flying Dragon, so I decided to try it next and work on perfecting neon application.

Flying Dragon applied very differently from Shocking Pink, in that it is much more thickly pigmented. I used three thin coats, but I think my usual two medium coats would have worked just fine for this one. It also went on smoothly and evened itself out nicely. Flying Dragon is a bright purple base with blue and red micro-glitter. In person, it's dark enough not to come across as shockingly bright. Here's an extreme close up that really shows the nice glitter.

On top of Flying Dragon, I added some Fingrs metallic decals, which didn't work that well. They were neither flexible nor sticky enough to be easy to add. I finished with two coats of Out the Door top coat. As the pictures show, I ended up with some weird texture to the finished product, but I'm pretty sure that's due to my sleepy application of top coat over decals not anything to do with the polish.

I like the look of the components of this mani, but for some reason, I'm not in love with the finished product. Maybe it's bad decal placement? odd texture? my mood? I don't know, but I think I'd be happier if I'd stuck with Flying Dragon by itself.

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