Monday, July 25, 2011

KleanColor Holo Chrome

I recently presented at a professional conference in Seattle, which is about as far as you can get from my hometown and still be in the continental U.S. I did my nails the night before I left, but my camera ate the pictures of that mani (boo!), so I'm skipping straight to the polish I applied while I was gone.

I didn't want to drag too much nail stuff with me on the plane, so I brought a polish I'd be happy to wear alone.

KleanColor Holo Chrome is a medium purple, translucent jelly base packed FULL of medium-sized holographic glitter particles. The glitter is large enough that you can see individual particles if you look at it, but small enough that they cover evenly and give that over all sparkle look. The application was good. It went on smoothly and wasn't too thick or gooey. I got almost opaque coverage from two thick coats.

The picture above was taken outside on a rainy day in the central Kirkland bus terminal. It was so grey that you really can't see the true amount of awesomess that this polish has to offer. So, here's a blurry picture taken in my hotel bathroom, which gives you a little better idea.

Seriously, outside in the sun, this stuff is just super glitter-tastic. I just have two caveats. First, it took two coats of Out the Door topcoat to make this feel smooth, but if you use a thicker top coat it might be fine in one. Second, Holo Chrome chipped pretty badly (you can see one chip in my pinky nail in this picture). As I said, I did use thick coats, so I wonder if doing three thinner coats would help.

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