Sunday, July 3, 2011

Peaceful Purple Mani

Some time back, I got two of the Sally Hansen Color Quick polishes that come in a pen shaped dispenser with a built-in brush on clearance at CVS. I used Gold Chrome for stamping, and it worked really well, so I've been excited to try Purple Chrome for stamping as well.

I started with a base of China Glaze Virtual Violet from the Tronica collection. I was really excited when Tronica came out and grabbed several of them a few months ago. For some reason, Virtual Violet has been hanging around untried.  

Virtual Violet is a dark purple, which leans more toward blue than red, with tons of very small holo particles. The formula on this polish was great (just like the other Tronicas). It has just the right consistency to flow on smoothly but stay put, so application is very easy. It is well pigmented as well and was smooth and opaque in two thin coats. It also dried very, very quickly (one hand was dry by the time I finished painting the other).

This close-up shows the sparkly holo-ness a little better. I do think the holo effect showed up less in this one than in some of the other Tronicas; perhaps it's a side effect of the darker base. On top of Virtual Violet, I stamped peace signs from my Bundle Monster BM07 plate using Sally Hansen Color Quick Purple Chrome. Like Gold Chrome this polish was a dream for stamping. It seems a little thin when you're putting it on the plate, but it stamps crisp, opaque images every time. It does dry quickly, so you have to keep moving. I would definitely like to get this polish in a few more colors for stamping when I can.

The only problem I had with this mani is that the tips chipped pretty quickly (I took it off after two days, where I usually go three to four). I suspect that a third coat, or maybe even two thicker coats, of Virtual Violet might help with that. In conclusion, here's a picture of the peace signs right-side-up, just because.

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