Friday, January 20, 2012

Crochet Matching Mani

I've recently taken up a new crafty hobby, crochet. I've tried knitting in the past, but didn't get into it, so I thought this might be a better way to go. So far, I'm really enjoying it, and I've already finished several small items. The very first was a ruffly scarf, and I was so excited that I painted my nails to match.

This is Sally Hansen HD Hi-Def, which is a light lime green shimmer with a slight gold duochrome effect. It applied easily, but is very, very thin, so it took four coats to get a good degree of color saturation. That's basically been my experience with all the HD polishes I've tried, but they do have great colors. So, I'll leave you with a picture of the polish and it's inspiration.

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