Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year! Mani

Happy 2012 everyone! Honestly, 2011 was a little rough for me, so I'm hoping that 2012 will be a good year. I'll be turning 33 in just a few days, and I'm wishing for the magic of fairytale numbers to bring me good things. If last night is any indication, it's already working!

My New Year's Eve outfit was built around a vintage duster-style dress that a friend gifted to me earlier this year. Naturally, I had to do a mani to match!

I was originally thinking about sponging the multicolored background, but finally just decided to brush it on in patches. Working free-hand, I placed the colors in similar locations on each nail to give it some consistency. The four background colors are KleanColor Neon Yellow, KleanColor Neon Purple, Color Zone Magenta, and Color Zone Traffic Cone Orange. On top, I stamped a full nail design from Bundle Monster plate BM20 using KleanColor Black. I stamped it twice on my thumb for width.

Here it is with the fabric that inspired the look as a background. I basically don't believe that you can be too matchy, so I'm super happy with how close the colors are.

As an added New Year's bonus, here's a picture of the rare occurance of me wearing eye makeup.

A friend gave me a set of the Paperself Deer and Butterfly Eyelashes for Christmas, which I added to my look for last night. Each full lash is made up of three smaller designs, so I decided to snip out the designs and use them separately, as the full lash seemed like it might be too much. These were a lot of fun to wear, and despite what the packaging says, I think they can be reused. They're currently on sale at Sephora, and I'm totally coveting the Peacock and Under the Sea designs.

Happy New Year!

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