Thursday, April 21, 2011

China Glaze Haul

Y'all have no idea how hard I've been trying to get my hands on some of the China Glaze Crackle Glazes. I have OPI Black Shatter, and I love it. So, the prospect of that effect in color, from my favorite brand is pretty exciting. Sadly, both my local Sally's and every online retailer I could think of have been out of stock constantly.  So, when I found the exact three polishes I wanted on Ashley's blog sale over at Polish and Konad, I was all over it. And since I was already buying some things, I may as well get a few more, right?! Right. So, I got my haul today.

The Crackles are Fault Line, Crushed Candy, and Broken Hearted. I also picked up Sexy in the City, Bogie, Mommy Kissing Santa, and Midnight Kiss.

I've already done a manicure with Fault Line, but I want to take a picture of it in all its full glory in sunlight. So, that will have to wait until tomorrow. In the meantime, I bring you a picture of an older mani. I'll be doing some of these posts of older pics intermittently for a while as well as pictures of my current nails.

This picture is the first time my nails were so exciting to me that I had to take a picture. I got one of my coworkers to take it with my phone inside in terrible light. I've come a long way, baby. I'm pretty sure the base color is Nicole by OPI Midnight Snowfall. No review though, since this was months ago. The flowers are decals. I love them enough that I might try to pick up some more.

Tomorrow, you'll see the Fault Line mani (sneak preview: it's awesome!).


  1. Glad the package arrived safely. Thanks for the mention.

  2. Just in case you want another CG Crackle...

    I hate to be the one to enable you (not really), but both Sally's *just* got restocked on Crackle. The east side location had the aqua, pink, and white. The atl hwy location had everything except purple. And the grey was still in boxes in front of the display, so it appears they were just putting them out tonight. Tomorrow is also the last day of the buy 2 polishes, get 1 free sale.

  3. Hate to enable?! I'm still blaming this all on you. Maybe Lissa too, but you introduced us, so mostly you :)