Saturday, April 30, 2011

Polish Project and Sale Info

Today is the last day of Sally Beauty's Buy 2 Get 1 sale on all their polishes. I found out from a friend that my local store had some of the China Glaze Crackles back in stock, so I decided to go pick up Cracked Concrete (I already have the colors and white just didn't appeal to me). Since everything was on sale, of course I had to pick up a few more. I'm working on a mani to use Cracked Concrete, so I thought I'd remind y'all about this sale while I wait for my base coat to dry.

I'll also share a picture of my other nail project. A wise woman (Lissa of the currently-on-hiatus Lissa's Nails) recently told me that if I want to do reference swatches of my polish collection, the time to start is now, while my collection is a (relatively speaking) reasonable size. So, I grabbed some color wheels from Sally's and went to town. I've written the color on the back of each "nail" and did two thin coats of each polish. That way these can be a guide to the consistency of the polish as well as the color. I also decided to group the polishes by color and leave plenty of room for more. The only problem is that looking at these makes me want to paint my nails every color all at once.

See what I mean?!

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