Sunday, June 19, 2011

Nail Night Mani - Summer Sun

This past Thursday was Nail Night, and several of us gathered with polish in tow to come up with fabulous nail creations. Here's what the table looked like.

I've had an idea for a while of doing a summer manicure using the sun pattern from my Bundle Monster stamping plates. I started with China Glaze Aztec Orange. Despite how it looks in the bottle, the texture of this polish is more like a jelly than a creme. It's a bright reddish-orange, almost exactly between the two, and really doesn't lean toward yellow or blue. It's well pigmented and gave smooth, opaque coverage in two coats. It was squishy enough to be a little difficult to control, so I did have to spend a little extra time on clean up. It came off pretty easily under scrubbing in the shower, so I was happy with it over all.

This picture show a little wear because I misplaced my camera for a couple of days. On top of Aztec Orange, I stamped suns on each nail using Sally Hansen Color Quick Gold Chrome. This polish comes in a pen-style tube with a built in brush. When I swatched this polish on my nail wheels, it was thick enough to be a little difficult to spread, so I thought it would be perfect for stamping. I was definitely right! It stamped very well, although I had to work quickly because it dried fast. Given my disappointment with the Konad Special Stamping Polish Gold, I'm very pleased to find this. Here's a picture taken the day after I did these with a phone camera. The color isn't as accurate, but you can see the stamped patterns really well.

Finally, to demonstrate the heat that made me think of this pattern, here's what happened when I went outside to take pictures.

It's so hot and humid, that my camera lens fogged up!

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