Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blah Blue Mani

I find that the (mostly) sunny (consistently) hot weather makes me want to stick to brighter, or at least lighter, colors. For today's manicure, I decided to go to nice light blue.

I started with Kleancolor Blue Pearl. While they vary somewhat, Kleancolors are usually very good for their low price tag ($1.99 in my area). Blue Pearl is a good example. It went on smoothly, was just thick enough not to puddle, and dried quite quickly. It evened out pretty well, but it really would have needed three coats to be completely opaque. I only used two as I planned to put some glitter on top. By itself, it is a beautiful, very cool, well...pearly, blue with a slight shimmer.

On top, I added a layer of OPI Last Friday Night  from the Katy Perry collection. I'm not going to give it much of a review because I have it in the tiny, stupid four-pack bottle. I had lots of trouble with application and bubbling, but I don't know what to attribute to the polish and what to attribute to the really small brush and bottle. All I'll say is that there is some really pretty, opalescent glitter combined with some unnecessary small silver glitter. I think the extra small glitter added to  the appearance of texture without adding much to the sparkle, so I could do with out it. Here's a blurry shade picture , which shows the sparkles a little better. In the grand scheme, I wasn't very happy with this, so I took it off right after taking these pictures. My next manicure is awesome though, so stay tuned.

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