Monday, June 27, 2011

Let It Rain Manicure

One of the amazing women I'm lucky enough to know got some good news last week. This manicure is a frivolous tribute, but she was in my head and heart when I did it.The colors I chose remind me of the sky during summer rainstorms.

The main color in this manicure, everywhere except my ring finger, is Zoya Dove. The formula on this polish was pretty good. It looked thin and streaky on the first coat, but became opaque and leveled itself on the second. It's thick enough to stay where it's put and dried pretty quickly. Dove is a light grey with with a slightly blueish tint. Despite the slight bit of blue, it's neutral enough to be very versatile.

My only complaint with this polish was the brush. It's very narrow and not all that flexible. This makes it hard to pick up the right amount of polish to get even coverage; it's either too much or too little. I ended up with pretty significant bubbling on my thumb, which I attribute to having to make about a billion strokes to cover my thumb nails.

For my accent nails, I used Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Gray by Gray. This is a great polish; it went on smoothly and perfectly in two coats. The SH Complete Salon Manicure polishes have a big, thick brush, which I like. It might be problematic for small nails, but it's perfect for me. Despite it's name, Gray by Gray is definitely more of a slate blue. I finished my accent nails with a raindrop shaped jewel. Here's another picture that shows the raindrop right-side-up.

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