Friday, June 10, 2011

Sari Mani

This is my first manicure using some long-awaited Konad stamping polishes. I started out intending to use the gold, but it didn't work very well. I've tried it again since then, and still no dice. I'd welcome any tips to get the gold to work. In the meantime, I went with silver instead.

I stated with a base of Wild and Crazy Colors Bombay. Between the name and the color itself, I was immediately reminded of saris (I love Inadian women's clothing). The formula on this polish is pretty good, especially for the low price ($1.99 in my area). It was thick enough not to puddle much and was very opaque in two coats. It dried very quickly to a satin finish, like a neon. The only downside is that it seemed to chip very quickly; it only lasted about two days before it had enough small chips for me to want to change it. I think adding a third coat might have helped with that.

I used Silver Konad Special Stamping Polish to add a design at the top and bottom edges like the embroidery on a sari. The detail didn't photograph very well, but showed up a little better in real life. Here's a close up that shows the detail a little better.

I finished up with a coat of Out the Door to coat to give the whole thing a nice shiny finish. I'll finish with a picture of the kind of sari I had in mind when working on this mani.

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