Saturday, June 4, 2011

Moon Flowers Manicure

I love morning glories, and I bought some seeds to plant around the fence in my yard a while ago. While I was shopping for them, I found some seeds for moonflowers. They appear to be similar to morning glories, but they're white and bloom at night. Life being what it is, all of these seeds are still sitting in a drawer, but I have a beautiful mental image of what it will look like eventually.

For this manicure, I started with OPI Steady as She Rose from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection. For some reason both this and Mermaid's Tears made me do floral manicures, maybe because they're delicate shades. Steady as She Rose is a pale greyed pink. On the nail, it has hints of lavender as well. The formula was a little thin, and tended to want to run away and pool up around the edges of my nail. In part because of the puddling issue, I used three thin coats to get it opaque. It dried pretty quickly and very glossy.

On top of Steady as She Rose, I stamped a little vine pattern from one of my Bundle Monster plates using Revlon Top Speed Emerald. I'm going to have to grab a back up bottle of this polish because it is perfect for stamping leaves and plants. On top of the vines, I used a toothpick to add dots of Wet and Wild French White Creme for the flowers.

I absolutely love this manicure and was almost hesitant to take it off. However, it was time for Nail Night, so my next post will show the results of our first Nail Night at one of my nail mentors' house.

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